Not many people know of all the amazing things Goodwill does for individuals and communities. Goodwill’s mission statement only provides a small idea of what they really do.

Mission statement:  Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

This is why we at Queen City took the opportunity to support their Runway Show. Goodwill gives back to so many people, which is what Queen City is all about! We can only hope to grow as much as Goodwill has and will continue to do!

We of course, served out delicious soup and hamburger macaroni..everything was so tasteful! We were honored to be serving with so many other great restaurants!

In the pictures is Elsayed the owner having a ball with his old Queen City crew also known as “The Godfather” team on Thursday nights for our Trivia night! (Cindy, Kathleen, Vic, and Mary Ann)

Theresa, Veronica and Leslie serving to the crowd of people attending the show.

Also, Sabrena, Zack, Zienah, and Elsayed BFF Hamdi attending and supporting Queen City, and Sabrena who was in the show, she made it on the pillar entering the show!

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