Entering our 6th year now, Queen City closes the entire restaurant down to feed the less fortunate people of the Berks County community.
Being that the event this year lands on Veterans Day we decided to honor the event to the less fortunate and fortunate veterans of our community.
This event couldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for out committee who put in lots of ideas, go out of their way to provide buses, tents, volunteers, sending out invitations to coalitions in Berks county, getting in contact with the media, as well as contacting food vendors to donate the food we serve our guests.
People First is organized in a way to make those less fortunate people feel welcomed, loved, and respected.

We send out over 1000 invitations to different organizations like Berks Women in Crisis, Salvation Army, BCC, Threshold, and Circle of Friends, that is only to name a few. The invitations have a bus pick up location that will provide transportation to and from Queen City and has different seating times so not everyone comes at once. Therefore we are able to get everyone seated and served, learn some of their stories, as well as sing happy birthday to those whose birthdays land on that day.
Outside in our parking lot we provide a very large tent that supplies brand new clothing, for men women and children. They are handed out in gift bags to each individual who comes to the event. Also under the tent we provide a free flu shot and this year the Hepatitis C vaccine. We have heaters so people aren’t cold while under the tent, as well as live music played by students from the community.
So many people partake in this amazing event it is hard to name each and every one of them. This years’ event would not have been possible with out our team. Thank you to everyone on our team and those who volunteer their time to help out.